About Horses

Everyone knows that horses are beautiful, fun and loyal animals. What most people don’t know is how interesting they are. Believe it or not, learning about horses can be almost as much fun as riding them. (But only if you read about them here.)

Maybe you want to start off with the basics and discover what type of horse you would like to ride someday? If you check out the BREED section you can learn why an American Quarter Horse is different from a Tennessee Walking Horse. You’ll discover what a “dish face” is and how to spot a spotty horse, which by the way is called an Appaloosa.

Once you take your horse out of the box you might want to read the CARE section. This section tells you the basics of caring for your horse.

Sure horses are great to look at and talk to but what you really want to do is ride one. In the RIDING section you can take a ride with your eyes and learn insider tips about getting in the saddle. Now would be a good time to shout “Giddy up” if you like Western riding or “Talley Ho” if you like English riding. (You will also learn the difference between Western and English riding.)

Learning history is fun but learning horse history is even more fun. In the HISTORY section explore how horses have been helping to shape human history for over 4500 years.

HORSE RACING and COMPETITONS are great ways to form an even deeper bond with horses. Here you will learn about the different kinds of competitions from thoroughbred racing to English events and fun events like gymkhanas to get the inside scoop on what it takes to enter and win.