American Quarter Horse

Are you looking for a horse that can race and compete in a rodeo? The American Quarter Horse is the horse for you. This horse is famous for its speed and agility. It is the most popular breed in the entire United States.

The American Quarter Horse is a sprinter. It zooms over short distances like no other horse. The name, Quarter Horse came from this speedy animal’s ability to run faster than other horses in quarter mile races.

Jack says:

Some American Quarter Horses can run up to 55 miles an hour.

The American Quarter Horse is also a great cowboy horse. It has a strong, compact body. This body type makes it easy for the horse to move fast and make sharp turns. Some say this horse has “cow sense,” so it is very easy to train. You will find American Quarter Horses on lots of ranches where they can help to manage the cattle.

Grace says:  

The first American Quarter Horse was named Wimpy!

The American Quarter Horse comes in 16 colors. Colors include: bay, black, brown, buckskin, and chestnut.

Jack says:

Before the mail carrier came to your home everyday by truck, there was a Pony Express to deliver mail and newspapers every once in a while. American Quarter Horses helped to carry Pony Express riders.