The world’s smallest breed of horse is the Miniature Horse. Miniature horses are usually only about three feet high. Most Miniatures weigh less than 150 pounds. Don’t call them ponies. Ponies are stocky. They look different than regular horses. Miniature horses look like regular horses only much smaller.

Jack says:

There is a horse named Thumbelina who is only seventeen inches (only 4.1 hands!) high.

Miniatures come in many colors. Some Miniatures are solid and some have spots. Color is a big part of a miniature horse show. Horses win prizes for being the most colorful.

Miniature Horses were first bred in Holland and England. Coal miners needed small horses to fit inside the cramped coal tunnels. The miniature horses were perfect to work in these small spaces.

Anna says:

Miniature horses were a favorite pet of France’s King Louis XIV.

A miniature horse can do anything a regular horse can do. They can be ridden. They can compete in shows. They can work. Some miniature horses are used as guide animals for blind people.