Morgans are proud and elegant horses. They have small ears, large eyes and broad chests. They are known to be calm and hard working.

Morgan horses are named after Justin Morgan. Justin Morgan was a teacher who lived in the state of Vermont. He had a horse named Figure. Figure was a very special horse. He was fast, beautiful and could work long hours without getting tired.

Jack says:  

Morgan horses were America’s first horse breed.

Morgan horses have a compact muscular body and graceful gait. They are great for pleasure riding or to train for horse shows. Morgan horses are often used by cowboys, police officers and as a first horse for children.

Grace says:  

Morgan horses were ridden in the American Civil War. Little Sorrel was a Morgan horse ridden by Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.

Most Morgan horses are around five feet tall. They come in bay, black, brown, chestnut, gray, palomino, dun and buckskin color.