Eventing is a competition with three parts during which a rider and horse can show how well they can work together. The three parts are called: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

Dressage is a series of moves that a rider does on a horse in an arena. These moves show the judges that a horse can be graceful and that it can respond well to its rider‘s instructions. Some examples of dressage moves are trotting in a straight line, turning slowly in a circle, or stopping (halting) when asked.

Cross-country is the second phase of the eventing competition and challenges the horse and rider in real surroundings – not in an arena. In this event a horse and rider must jump over a series of fences in a certain period of time. The fences can be made of poles or stone walls. When riders have lots of experience, they can jump over fences that have water or ditches on one side.

Show Jumping tests the fitness of a horse and rider. In this event, horses have to jump over lots of colorful fences. They score points when they don’t knock down fences, when they jump the fences in the right order, and by doing all of this in the time they are given.

Be sure to watch Grace’s blogging videos, as she competes in these types of events in a real horse show.

Jack says:

Eventing is like a triathlon for horses and their riders, only nobody wears a bathing suit and there are no bikes to pedal!