You can’t keep a horse in your bedroom!  Horses need shelter to protect them from the pouring rain, cold wind, and hot sun. Some horses live outside with only a covered area to protect them, but many horses live in barns or stables. Barns are usually filled with many different kinds of animals. Stables are generally filled with just horses.  Stables are made up of little enclosures called stalls. A stall is a small room for a horse.  It usually has three walls and a gate.  A stall is a place for the horse to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom!  Even in the world’s most fancy horse stable, there are no toilets.  Every horse goes right where he or she is standing.

Saddle Smarts

Question: How much do horse’s poop?

Answer: A lot! The average horse poops between 8-12 times a day.

If you own a horse, you also need a shovel. Cleaning out a horse’s stall is an important part of being a responsible horse owner. A dirty stall leads to a sick and unhappy horse.

Jack says:

Most horses drop 50 pounds of poop a day. 

What else is in a stable? A stable can be simple with just stalls but some have other areas as well.  A stable might also have a room to keep tack, a room for feed, and even places for grooming and vet care.

Grace says: 

A turnout is a small place where you can take a horse out of his or her stable to exercise.  Horses need to be turned out daily.


Everyone needs a place to rest. Inside every horse stall there must be bedding. Bedding is a soft place for a horse to lie down and rest. Bedding also helps the stall smell better.

Bedding needs to be changed often so your horse doesn’t get sick. A chemical in horse urine called ammonia can give a horse breathing problems.

There are many different types of bedding. Straw bedding, rubber mats, wood shavings, and even shredded newspaper are used to make a soft spot for a horse.


Horses are outdoor animals. They need fresh air and the natural light of the sun to keep them happy.  Windows help a horse get all the warm light and fresh air they need. A dark and stuffy barn is a sad and unhealthy barn.

Glass windows are not a good idea. Horses can break the glass and become injured. The windows should be made of sturdy non-breakable material and placed up high to protect the horse.


Horses get thirsty. They need to be able to get water whenever they need a drink. Providing your horse with clean water at all times is a good idea. A simple bucket works well as long as the bucket is clean and the water is fresh.