Veterinary Care

Horse Laugh:

What do you give a sick horse?

Answer: Cough stirrup!

Your horse’s health is your responsibility. Next to his owner, a horse’s doctor is his most important relationship. A horse doctor is known as a DVM or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Most people call them “vets.”

Vets do many things for a horse. They help horses when they are having babies. Vets visit horses when they have problems with their stomachs, coats or hooves. When they figure out the problem, the vet will give your horse medicine or perform surgery when the problem is serious.

Jack says:

Horses can’t throw up! If you’ve ever thrown up, you might think this is good. It’s not. It is actually really bad. It leads to Colic and other stomach problems.

Grace says:

“Colic” is when a horse has trouble digesting his food.  It hurts a lot. 

Vets also take care of a horse’s teeth. Horse teeth are a lot like human teeth except a horse’s teeth never stop growing! By the time a horse is five years of age, it will have between 36 and 44 teeth.

Anna says:

“Floating” is the term for filing sharp edges off a horse’s teeth. Most horses have this done once a year to keep teeth healthy.  


The ground is hard, rough, prickly, wet, cold, and hot and sometimes it has poop on it. All of those things can wear down or cause a cut in a horse’s hoof. Cuts often lead to infections. To help protect their feet, horses wear shoes.

Horseshoes come in all different materials and sizes. The most common is steel. Steel is hard and strong. This is the perfect shoe for horses that perform in rodeos and compete in jumping events. Racehorses are usually fitted with aluminum shoes. Aluminum is a lighter metal. Some parade and police horses actually have rubber on their shoes to keep from slipping on busy streets.

Horse Laugh:

Do they make sneakers for horses?

Answer: No. They could never tie the laces.

Jack says:

Horseshoes are a good luck symbol.  Some people believe you have to hang the horseshoes with the open end pointing up to hold all the good luck.