Horses are everywhere. They are in books and in movies. Some people wear clothes with horses on them. Some people sleep in beds with horse patterns on their sheets. Horses are so familiar to us that we forget how special riding a horse is. There are over eight million species of animals on Earth, but only a few animals that people can ride. The small list includes donkeys, mules, elephants, yaks and camels. At the top of that list is the horse. When you ride a horse, you are taking part in a pastime that goes back thousands of years.

We’ll learn about all the ways horses have helped human civilization grow and thrive, but there is another reason people love horses. Riding a horse rocks! It’s super fun and exciting. Whether you live in the city or in the country, you can find a place to take a ride.

Find out about different styles of riding, special equipment and horseback riding tips.

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