Western Riding

The rugged cowboys and cowgirls of the Western United States invented Western riding. These brave folks worked long hours moving cows across the plains. Sometimes these cattle moved in enormous herds. The cowboys were on their horses all day long chasing cows. They needed horses that could run fast and turn quickly.

Jack says:

The most popular hat in the old west was not the cowboy hat but a short round hat called the bowler. Eventually the large brimmed cowboy hat caught on and became more popular. That’s good. Bowlerboys doesn’t sound quite right.

Today anyone can ride Western style and you don’t need a cowboy hat to do it, but you do need a saddle. The main difference between Western style riding and English style riding is in the type of tack used.

Grace says:

Tack is a piece of equipment used to ride a horse. Tack includes the saddle, stirrups, bridle, halter, rein, bits, and harnesses. 

Another important difference between Western and English riding is the type of events that you can enter at a horse show. Western riders practice roping, barrel racing and cattle cutting. English riders show judges how they can control their horse, and they do a lot of jumping.